Slimline Stair Nosing

10mm x 78mm

Bullnose Stair Nosing

 32mm x 80mm

Due to popular demand we have designed and manufactured our own Australian Made Birrus Stair Nosings which we are able to offer at a very competitive price.

Birrus Stair Nosings come in a choice of 3 colours of abrasive grit tape inserts.

Birrus Stair Nosings are made from locally sourced Australian Made aluminium. We use a 6000 series alloy for a high-quality and corrosion resistant finish. Our Australian Made aluminium is 15 micron clear anodised. This enduring treatment improves the strength and aesthetics of the stair nosing for easy maintenance and long life in any conditions, whether it be indoors or out in the elements.

Birrus have sourced the highest quality self adhesive grit tape to use with our stair nosings. Our grit tape is manufactured from a 60 grit aluminium oxide formation. Birrus grit tape provides high traction and durable protection, it is resistant to water and many chemicals while providing excellent slip resistance. It contains superior embedded grit technology for extended wear.

Our Stair Nosings comply with AS1428.1-2009, (slimline complies when it is for new commercial buildings).

Birrus Stair Nosings has been Slip Resistance tested to AS 4586:2013 Appendix A and achieved maximum results (P5). Our testing was carried out in a NATA accredited laboratory.



Birrus Matting Systems require and internal recess depth of 12mm or 20mm. Standard Stair nosing inserts must have a luminance contrast of 30% to the background. Our Birrus anti slip abrasive tape has had luminance reflectance testing to AS 1428.1-2009 Appendix B, Paragraph B3. Results as follows:

Black Grit Tape Dry 5.3 Wet 4.7

Yellow Grit Tape Dry 56.4 Wet 56.5

Grey Grit Tape Dry 12.0 Wet 11.6

Birrus Stair Nosing Codes:

BSN10Y Birrus Stair Nosing Slimline Yellow

BSN10B Birrus Stair Nosing Slimline Black

BSN10G Birrus Stair Nosing Slimline Grey

BSN32Y Birrus Stair Nosing Bullnose Yellow

BSN32B Birrus Stair Nosing Bullnose Black

BSN32G Birrus Stair Nosing Bullnose Grey



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