Slips and falls on wet or dry surfaces are a major problem for industry, institutions, commercial establishments and residences. No Skidding® anti slip tapes can help solve these costly problems. 

No Skidding® grit tapes come in a range of colours so that you can select the one which best suits your requirements. These tapes are hard wearing and designed for a range of applications including: ramps, dock areas, walkways, stairways, work areas, construction machinery, industrial equipment, trucks & trailers, motor homes, hazardous floors, boat decks, and jet skis.

Recommended for high use areas where wet or slippery surfaces may expose the user to slip injury, the tapes consist of a hard wearing aluminium oxide grit profile, bonded to a tough substrate. The surface of the tape is resistant to water, grease, detergents and oils. The contact adhesive has excellent bonding to clean, sound surfaces with good instant grip. They are easy to install, just peel off the protective backing and place into position with firm pressure.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Easy to install and durable.
  • Manufactured from a 60 grit aluminium oxide formulation.
  • Aggressive adhesive system will adhere to clean dry surfaces including metal, sealed wood and sealed concrete.
  • Resistant to water and many chemicals while providing excellent slip resistance.
  • Superior embedded grit technology for extended wear.



Light Grey


Black & Yellow


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