BIRRUS ‘DURAGRIT’ (abrasive grit) is a hardwearing industrial non-slip tread insert developed for internal and external environments where adjacent floor surfaces may prove hazardous. Highly suited for applications on sloping walkways.

This unique product provides safe footing in high traffic areas exposed to wet or slippery conditions.A well proven design is to install DUAL TREADS (that is, 2 x 50mm wide increments) alternately set into concrete, or paving tiles across sloping ramps and walkways.

“Duragrit” mats are designed for industrial situation, if used as an entrance mat the abrasive nature of the mat treads will ruin dress shoes and will take skin from kids’ knees should they fall onto the matting.

DURAGRIT is available in 10mm Open Construction Slimline. It is also available in 10mm & 16mm Closed Construction.

An Open Construction Slimline aluminium extrusion system is linked with a perforated joining strip to allow for drainage. They are best suited to exterior applications where provisions have been made for drainage in the mat well.

Duragrit is not suited for retail or office buildings due to the abrasive nature of the treads, they will ruin the underside or soles of dress shoes

CLICK for a copy of our DURAGRIT brochure.

Anodising of the aluminium sections in ‘Precious Gold’, ‘Antique Bronze’ and ‘Midnight Black’ can be arranged. CLICK for a copy of our Grand Entrance brochure. Note: Anodising is a coating which will, in time, wear with surface contact. Refer to specification form for more details.

Slip resistance is a very important part of product selection, particularly in an area which could be exposed to rain water and wet shoes. To aid in this selection Birrus has had their range of products wet slip tested by a NATA accredited test company. Duragrit achieved a P5 slip rating, the test certificate is available HERE.


Care and Maintenance

For abrasive grit, the best method is a hot water hose or stiff brush. Do NOT use mops.

Replacement of inserts is a simple job carried out insitu. A full range of inserts is available from your local distributor.

Restore lustre to ribbed aluminium sections by lightly rubbing over with abrasive wool. 


Suitable for: Industrial, Interior and Exterior.

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